Welcome to Boobook Farm

At Boobook Farm we teach how to live more sustainably through permaculture in the suburbs. Boobook Farm is a half acre suburban permaculture site in Brisbane, Australia. It is also my home. While much of the information here is written for the subtropical climate of Brisbane, most of it can be adapted for elsewhere in the world. I also write about other projects and ideas from around the globe, there is something here for everyone. Please enjoy the site and take away from it what you can.

Permaculture in the Suburbs

One of the core ideas behind permaculture is that human beings should be living as sustainably as possible on as little land as we can. In the suburbs this is taken to its extreme, any amount of food that you can grow at home is food that isn't grown via resource hungry conventional agriculture. As humans we have abused the land and laid waste to systems we never need have disturbed. Through permaculture we can undo some of this damage and begin to take responsibility for our own food.

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