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New Jackfruit Planted

A New Jackfruit

Today I planted a new jackfruit tree. This one I got from a local Vietnamese lady who said it is a Vietnamese small crisp jackfruit. The leaves certainly look different to my other jackfruit tree (a seedling from Daleys) and I am very interested in comparing the fruit between the two trees in a couple of years. I prefer crisp jackfruit so this plant could be a winner! In case you are unfamiliar with jackfruit, they are the worlds largest fruit and can grow up to 35kg each. Trees are also extremely productive but can grow enormous. In the suburbs trees are best kept pruned if you are to get the most out of the tree (and the rest of your property).

Seedling Trees

Being on only half an acre here in the suburbs I rarely grow seedling trees. The time and space wasted is just too great if the tree ends up producing inferior fruit. In fact my two jackfruit trees are my only exceptions to this rule (if you don’t count seedlings). I feel I can justify it as jackfruit are one of those trees that tends to produce acceptable quality trees from seed and they also produce young (within 4 years). Of course there is that part of me that’s curious to see what they are like too! Maybe a future named variety? What I may do with these trees is graft on a named variety and leave a branch or two of the original seedling tree to see if it is worth saving or reproducing. I could also just top work them if/when they prove to be inferior. I have no idea how or even if jackfruit can be top-worked like is done with mango and avocados. Let me know below if you have any experience top-working jackfruit trees.

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