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Trojan Mulch Fork

What is a Mulch Fork?

Trojan Mulch ForkMulch forks are wide garden forks that allow the movement of large amounts of matter at a time. They are built much wider and more lightly than your regular pitch fork and work well when moving large amounts of fairly loose and light material. They are perfect for mulch! There are a few options out there for mulch forks, I went with the Trojan model as it seemed to be the best intersect of both quality and price. Trojan lists the features of the mulch fork as:

• Wide head for larger loads
• Strong hardwood handle
• Non-slip, wide comfort grip
• Pointed and hardened tines
• Lifetime guarantee

My Mulch Fork Revelation

I knew a mulch fork would be better than my tried and tested methods of shoveling mulch. I had no idea just how much better it would be though. I can now fill a wheel barrow completely in four or five forkfuls. It is awesome!

One caveat though, the forkfuls are heavier than what I was doing with the shovel. At my current age and level of fitness this isn’t an issue, but I can see how it could be one for some people (including me one day). I do have a solution though. If you pick up this style of fork and find the loads too heavy to lift then simply cut off the outermost tines. You would then have a smaller mulch fork that is still many times better for mulch than any shovel or pitch fork.

Trojan Tools

Trojan tools have been around for over a century. They advertise themselves as producing extremely tough tools of a very high quality. In reality they are more of a budget option but you cannot argue that they are not built tough. I have never broken a Trojan tool when used properly. I will come clean that I did break the handle of their post hole shovel when using it to lever a tree out, completely my fault. I have no problem recommending Trojan tools as a quality budget option for jobs around the home. The fact that they offer a lifetime guarantee tells you something though I have never had to use it so cannot comment on how well they honor it.

Final Thoughts

A mulch fork is a must have and Trojans version of it is a well made example. It would be very difficult to do any better (or even nearly as good) for the money.

Boobook Rating

Quality - 85%
Ease of Use - 85%
Value - 100%


You will be hard pressed to find an equally good mulch fork for the money.

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